A Message from Tiffany J.

Hello! I'm Tiffany Jones, born and raised in Key West, Florida. I've literally been planning parties (my own) since I was age 5! I've always been a little planner at heart and sometimes would get in trouble for dropping these plans on my mom. After graduating high school my mom was offered a career change that landed me in Miami, Florida for the next 18 years. It was there I began my designing journey. I attended Miami Dade Community College to study Interior Design. I earned my Associates in Arts Degree in Interior Design, but it still wasn't enough. I wanted to do more, so I never pursued that field. I got bored honestly, so off to work I went. I always loved to decorate, design, entertain, and create unique ideas to please my family and friends. I love to have fun and needed to expand my creativity to another level. It is my pleasure and a joy to put a smile on peoples faces. I love the element of surprise and my ability to overwhelm. I have always dreamed of doing something professionally in the design or decor business. I was just undecided. After meeting my husband and partner, I began to get more focused on my career and journey. We decided to relocate and start something new and different. We landed in North Florida, since it was familiar and I had some family that also planted themselves here. After many years working in the corporate world and being laid off from my job, I decided to go for my dream and Events by Tiffany J was born. I have been planning and hosting weddings & events for more than a decade at this point! I have many hats in this area from interior decorating to artistic painting. My design aesthetic is a mixture of home interior decor and party festive designs. I love sharing my vision with others on their special days because they are all unique to each one of them. I am confident that anyone who had the opportunity to share in experience of my events will agree that I throw a magnificent party. For me, nothing is too big or small. I take pleasure in pleasing you at your most memorable times. My love for decorating and design has always come natural to me. I am a self taught individual with a creative imagination. This combination has given me an awesome skill set to create some of the most beautiful things you can imagine. I know this is a blessing from God and I'm glad to be doing what I have been placed on this earth to do! I'm thankful to all my current, past clients and the future relationships I will build with clients. I look forward to the opportunity to make your special time fantastic! Thank you and hopefully you get to know me personally very soon!​     Tiffany J.

P.S. I am proud to announce that I am an Accredited Event Designer! AED, from the Special Events Certification Council, c/o 2018. One must invest in thyself in order to become greater!



The Staff

Events by Tiffany J consist of a fantastic husband and wife duo! We also have a couple of teammates that work well together. Our team work closely and support your vision. I believe that you will appreciate all the hard work that goes into making your day beautiful. We want to take on all your stress and make this moment a memorable one. I have high expectations of my crew and they deliver. We aim to please and satisfy our clients. We love what we do and it shows!


Events by Tiffany J also loves to mentor individuals that may be interested in decorating or planning. We welcome interns and volunteers. Ask us for details. We are always looking to expand.

The Vision

Our vision is to bring your event to life! That has been the motto from the beginning and it will continue throughout the journey. We want your experience to be unique and original by any means necessary. Because of the creative juices that flow around here, we have pulled off some beautiful events while remaining within the clients budget. It is our goal to make sure everyone can have a beautiful experience. Let's discuss your budget. We can assist you with a budget plan that is realistic to you! That will make our job easier and your day perfect! Events by Tiffany J, where we "Bring Your Event To Life!" Just remember, it's your special day and your budget that determines what we do for you. 

The Execution

After your free consultation with us, a proposal will be prepared especially for you and your event. Once we agree on your planning and decor needs, we secure your date and the excitement begins! You will work with me personally on every detail leading up to your special day. You will find my easy going, friendly spirit very soothing an easy to work with. I will be in contact with you every step of the way. Of course, this is my favorite part! I truly do love what I do! You may be pleasantly surprised just how well I listen and interpret your ideas. On the day of your event, my staff and I work deligently just to see the look on your face!

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